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Monsenor Romero Center (Centro Monsenor Romero)
Monsenor Romero Center (Centro Monsenor Romero)

Monsenor Romero Center (Centro Monsenor Romero)

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El Salvador is a nation that’s experienced its share of tragedy in the last couple of decades. Violence, poverty, corruption, and conflict have taken their toll on local people all struggling to simply get by, and when Oscar Romero, a Catholic Archbishop, was murdered in 1980, one of their staunchest, most steadfast voices was instantly made a martyr. At the Monseñor Romero Center (Centro Monseñor Romero) on the campus of UCA, graphic displays recount the tale of his death in the middle of Mass, as well as the brutal assassination of 6 Jesuit priests. It was here where the priests were dragged from their beds and executed in the night, and photos today display how their bodies were found the following morning. Visiting the Monseñor Romero Center is a moving and sobering journey, where a dose of perspective is interspersed with displays that hang on the wall. It’s a must stop spot for anyone interested in El Salvador’s modern history, and way to learn about one of the nation’s most influential figures.

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Calle de Mediterraneo, San Salvador, El Salvador

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The Monseñor Romero Center is set on the grounds of the Universidad Centroamericano José Simeón Cañas—or the UCA for short. While here, enjoy the company of local guides who provide the backstory on many displays and offer informative insight.

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